Newly coined words seem an almost daily occurrence when dealing with online marketing.  Keeping up with all the three (3) letter acronyms keeps me busy on Google!

In online marketing, the buzz word is Retargeting.  Retargeting lets you selectively advertise to online customers who have already visited your site with a message that’s designed and focused to the type of interest they have shown, keeping your brand in front of their eyes and getting the right visitors back to your site for repeat visits that add up to a conversion, or purchase.

It is becoming as important as search engine marketing and email marketing.  It is an important marketing tactic for reaching and converting potential online customers.

How does it work?

By adding some code to your website HTML, you can collect non-personal data about user behavior.  This might include things like which pages a user visited on the site, the date and time they stopped by, and their approximate geographic location based on IP address.

The way a user interacts with your online content speaks volumes about their interests and habits. We call this “intent data,” and it lets you target highly relevant ads to your customers wherever they go online.  Intent-based retargeting is so effective that many online marketers compare retargeting favorably to search, and most report that retargeting performs the same as or better than other display campaigns.

Traditional web retargeting refers to targeted display ads bought on ad exchanges and served on news sites, blogs, and other locations online. The combination of tailored messaging and targeted ad placement helps keep the brand top of mind, improve engagement, and bring customers back to complete a transaction or start a new one .

Web retargeting is far more effective than any other strategy for placing display ads, and has been proven to provide large increases in lift in conversions over campaigns.

I discovered retargeting after doing a recent search in Google for a specific tool.  I then clicked on one Adword listing and, as often happens, got distracted.  I was surfing later that day for something else and, low and behold, display banner ads on the same tools were everywhere I surfed.

Web retargeting works well for e-commerce, B2B, media and entertainment, travel….. any brand interested in engaging current or prospective customers online. It’s a strong foundation for any marketing strategy.

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