Pricing a New Web Site Design Package for your Company

Pricing Web Design - the How to'sEverything we do is designed to optimize your online presence and help you increase your business through greater recognition and improved sales!

We are a “Concept” to “Beyond Completion” service.  We offer free domain name acquisition advise and marketing plans even before we arrive at an agreement. Check out the many articles in our News/Blog section!  Pricing A Web Site is a good one!

If you find a Web Designer with “standard package pricing”, keep looking.  Every single web site I have done over the last 22 years is different.  The one consistent thing is the design is a collaboration between the client and our design team.  There are many steps that go into creating the simple 4 – 5  page site that are also used in doing a 100+ page site.  We spend time with our client in preliminary planing to be sure there is a “fit” and that we are on the same page.

Granted, some websites go together very well and as planned! Others take weeks due to scheduling reviews, outside circumstances and the unforseen “can we add this?”

I am probably a lot like you in that I do not like surprises.  If I estimate a job too low and it runs over in hours, it is still on me to perform the service to my customers satisfaction.  The only time we do change orders is when a new element is requested as an add-on.  Most take very little time but others might take a few hours.  All of this is addressed, including the number and content on each page and is agreed upon before we get to work.

Our websites include:

  • Custom design WordPress sites to highlight your logo, branding and business goals
  • Design is careful to ensure fast loading of videos and images on your website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is guided by Google’s guidelines for best practices
  • Social media linking on your site to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter sites are basic with the design/branding remaining constant
  • We determine who will be managing your site before design and if it is a team member, we work with them to be sure it is left in good hands
  • Hosting is done through a service of your choice but with our blessing!  We are not available 24 hours a day but a good hosting service is and can remedy issues 24/7/365

Some additional options we consider in pricing is:

  • The inclusion of videos
  • Custom Photos and images
  • Maps,
  • Interactive forms
  • Slide shows
  • Embedding code for Email harvesting programs
  • Galleries and Carousel graphic displays
  • Testimonies from Google and Other rating services
  • Special Code from news posting services
  • eCommerce Add-on or focused – We’ve been doing eCommerce since 1998
  • Many others that can be discussed to match your needs

Finally, when the design is over, we do not walk away! Almost all of our customers want to use our continued SEO services, Digital Marketing, Branding and ongoing management of their web site.  We can do it all or work with your “point” staff member to arrive at the right program for you.  Just remember, employees come and go…we are here regardless!.

So, if you want to see if we are a fit, call me at 713-553-6212 and lets schedule a time to get started. Although I may be 3-4 weeks out on the schedule, I always make time for new clients when possible.

In closing, the one thing I have found that is more important than the pricing is the “fit” between you and the company you choose to move forward.  We understand this part extremely well! Spending time to get to know your Design and Implementation company is vital to your web site’s long term success!