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Monthly Web Maintenance Fees, SEO and Digital Marketing

Monthly Web Site Management Matrix

Web Site Management – Monthly Services

Once your Web Site is completed to your satisfaction, there is a natural transition from “Web Design” to “Web Management”.  Any company who invests in the development of a professional web site knows this is not the end.  It is only the beginning.

Your new website was designed to be interactive with your company’s day-to-day activities, press releases, news, and marketing.  Below is a list of monthly items we provide for our clients to promote their business and maintain a “living/breathing” web presence.

1, Monthly Search Engine Optimization and Marketing –SEO” review and implementation of updates to improve Search Engine
standing. This service is critical for the first 6 – 12 months, as a web site is indexed and analyzed by the search engines and found worthy of inclusion to search requests. Additionally. production of Google Analytics reporting to determine overall traffic, bounce rates, pages most commonly visited and exit paths.

2. Monthly Updates to Security protocols, operating software and Plugin program updates. This includes at a monthly backup of the site.

3. Additions to the site, including new pages, “landing pages” to gauge marketing results, text, images, videos and news items to keep the site “current” and relevant. It is now a “living and breathing” part of your overall marketing and promotion.

4. Management of Domain Registrar account, including implementation of 2 step security protocols and monthly reviews of Traffic and Hosting analytics.

5. Marketing Matrix – Interactive with your marketing, the site can collect emails, Call to action form completion and used for setup of landing pages for Marketing results measurements.

6. Digital Marketing – Social media posting of news, images, videos and articles on selected sites, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google Business page.

7. Google Business page management, posting, updates and review response that shows you are a responsive corporation. Excellent to improve Google Reviews for publication on your site.

8. Branding – Working closely with Marketing to assure the proper brand management is being implemented on all marketing materials and the web site.

Pricing depends on the number of pages, number of social media platforms used and monthly posting materials. An average small business site might start at $350 a month and range to several thousand per month based on volume of posts, updates, additions and participation in marketing development and implementation.