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At Houston Web Designer, we provide our clients with the very best in custom developed websites. Every one of our in-house designs are a collaboration between designer and customer; designed to our clients specifications on a WordPress platform.


Our clients end up with a unique, one-of-a-kind website with their touch and direction creating their brand and messaging! By using WordPress, our clients have a wide range of future options for content updating/posting, service, maintenance and growth.

















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Houston Web Design


Houston Web Design since 1997. We have been developing web sites from concept to successful completion for over 23 years. 

The most important part of our job is asking the right questions, and the most important question to ask is ‘what is your primary goal for this web site?’

That is our difference!  We know business and we make it our goal to get to know our client’s business “
acumen” and success plan in detail. By doing this, we can think like them, know their market, know their competition and bring it competitively to the game.

We are far more than coders and “web designers”. You can have, and I see this often, great looking sites with no thought as to how they are going to dominate in the SEO arena and in their genre!  Your “Web Presence” will be expensive and a burden if it is not giving the Return On Investment you expect.

We work with small to medium sized brands, inspired Entrepreneurs, and future global influencer’s providing responsive website design services in Texas. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, we offer the expertly designed web presence to take you to the next level.




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Digital Marketing

Social Media | Video | Branding |eMail Campaigns | Strategy


At Houston web design, we do not build Websites and walk away!  We help our clients be successful. One way we accomplish this is through “BRANDING” their Internet Presence with Digital Marketing!

Digital marketing can be defined into 8 main categories including:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization,
PPC or Pay-per-Click advertising
Social Media (Facebook, Twiter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing .

Branding defined is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. We accomplish this using the right visual representation and Digital Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business (GMB) and more.  Fresh, relative content – industry related, educational and informative.

Digital Marketing is critical to a successful Web Site.  New and improved content, rich in keywords, must be implemented on a continual basis to help a website be relevant. All content and marketing materials must be created using the right “secret sauce” to obtain the highest ROI possible.

We also work with our clients on their “Online Reviews” management.  This is critical to your online reputation.  We work with your clients, improving responsiveness and resolving challenges.

We offer a fully managed package of options to allow your team to participate or sit back and watch the customers come in. We can also train your staff to be active participants in your web site’s marketing future.


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Web Presence Maintenance

We take care of the nitty gritty!


Many website owners have built a site for their business but found it never met their expectations.  Their web site needs to be groomed, modified, expanded, etc…  Staffing changes are made and the responsibility is passed along until it is not attended to on a regular basis.


We specialize in working closely with your team to take what you have built, transform it into a dynamic, successful highly ranked web presence and interactive with your sales/marketing departments to show positive Return On Investment.


We also work with your staff, to train and involve them moving forward; contributing to your online presence.  We understand some of the functionality and programming of a website can be daunting, so we do the hard part and teach you the basics. We believe in the concept of “Teaching you to fish, rather than giving you a fish”. 


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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of making your “Online Web Presence” successful.


Potential customers need to find you by searching your services, products or location on the Internet’s major search engines. If they can not find you on the front page of a search for your product and/or services, you are missing out on traffic and potential customers. This is referred to as your “organic” listing position.  


We work hard through the design implementation and content creation to make your site a true resource of information and solutions to a multitude of potential customers. We also manage Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Media Implementation and YouTube video expansion, implementation and maintenance.



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