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Providing the Houston area with Web Page Design, Maintenance, Web Page Redesign, Social Media Integration, Consulting, Domain Name Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Writing, Aerial Drone Video and Online Marketing.


At HoustonWebDesigner.com, we work with small to medium sized brands, inspired Entrepreneurs, and future global influencers. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, we offer the expertly designed web presence that will take you to the next level.




Since 1997, we have been bringing web sites from concept to successful projects resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

From simple “Business Card” web sites to fully designed and implemented database driven Job Boards, eCommerce, Market Place Directories and business sites for high exposure market leaders.


Many website owners have built a site for their business but found it never met their expectations.  Their web site needs to be groomed, modified, expanded, etc…  Staffing changes are made and the responsibility is passed along until it is not attended to on a regular basis.

We specialize in working closely with your team to take what you have built, transform it into a dynamic, successful highly ranked web presence and interactive with your sales/marketing departments to show positive Return On Investment.

We also work with your staff, to train and involve them moving forward; contributing to your online presence.  We understand some of the functionality and programming of a website can be daunting, so we do the hard part and teach you the basics.  We believe in the concept of “Teaching you to fish rather than giving you a fish”. 


Search Engine Optimization has become an important part of making your “Web Presence” successful.  Potential customers need to find you by searching your services, products or location.

We work hard through the design implementation and content creation to make your site a true resource of information and solutions to a multitude of potential customers.  We also manage Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Media Implementation and YouTube video expansion/maintenance.


Marketing is critical to a successful Web Site.  New and improved content, rich in keywords, must be implemented on a continual basis to be relevant.

We specialize in offering a fully managed package of options to allow your team to participate or sit back and watch the customers come in. We can also train you staff to be active participants in you website’s marketing future.

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Houston Web Designer and Marketing

Since 1997, Houston Web Designer Steven Carr has been in the middle of the growth of the Internet in the Houston area. He has personally been involved in the development of over 1000 domains for clients and non-profits.

Steven has been a contributing author to many design and online marketing sites and often lectures on SEO, Online Marketing Strategies, Sales Management and Online Sales Strategies.

In the late 70’s. Carr’s professional career began at age 18 in the east Texas town of Longview.  While attending college, he secured his Texas Real Estate license and quickly sold his first residential listing.  Soon after, Steven moved into commercial Real Estate Sales and residential construction.

In the early 80’s, Steven expanded his business exposure into the Insurance industry, obtaining both his Group 1 and F&C Texas licenses.  He acquired his first business at age 21 and has owned and operated several businesses personally over the last 35 years.

Steven’s expertise is in the development of marketing strategies and management of marketing assets.  A firm believer in the “Internet of Things”, he was quick to learn the development of Internet properties in the mid to late 90’s and devices in the 2000’s.

Today, he enjoys writing and sharing his knowledge of Internet Marketing and Sales through multiple web blogs and speaking engagements.

Steven is also a hiker and recently hiked the southern section of the Appalachian Trail with his wife.  His hiking web site is http://www.hikingtheat2019.com and his YouTube vlogging channel is here.

Steven Carr   713-553-6212

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