Online Relavancy makes your web site a success!Online Relevance and Internet Traffic

Online Relevance is the online key to success!

Online relevance is the key to a successful Internet Web Site. As we all know, the higher a web site is organically ranked on Google, the more potential eyeballs will see your products and/or service offerings. People pay a lot of money to be in the Adwords listing because they want first shot to the eyeballs doing the search. Sad thing is, in most searches, only about 2 – 3% of the “Ads” are clicked.  The vast majority go to the organic listings and Google maps/listing of businesses matching the search terms

If someone is searching the name of your business, then the “MOST IMPORTANT” website you have access to will pop-up on the right-hand side.  Trust me on this! You have to make a good impression on your Google Business Page or they are gone.

When a potential client searches Google with a string of keywords, Google bots then crawl millions of web sites and rank their relevancy based on the the search term or phrase, traffic to the site and many other factors. By including the keywords of the most popular searches in your body of text (be sure to have more than 600 words on a page) Google will hopefully include your site as one of the first ten “organic” responses to the search.  Depending on the type of business you are classified as, the requirement of word count could be higher. Updated site content on a regular basis is also an indicator of relevancy.

Google Adwords provides tools to allow you to research the most relevant keywords related to your business. Integrating these keywords into your website will help your site appear across a variety of search requests.

Remember, it is all about Content, Content, Content! Is it relevant, well presented, updated and with heavy traffic.

Is your site User Friendly?

Your website should be easy to use, navigate, fast to load, have great content. Today, having your website Pad and Mobile Friendly is a must to success.  If you don’t play by the rules, you will get lost in the sea of wanna be’s who don’t know how to swim with the big dogs.

Using Google Analytics on your site will allow you to measure performance and “bounce rate” or the number of times people come to your site and leave without looking around, clicking around and reading your content. You want a low bounce rate and lots of return visitors who use your site as a reference or can “share” your site with other users through social media.  These are all indicators of a loyal visitor base. This information and much more is available to study and help improve your site’s position.

Do you have good Meta Tags/Meta Data?

Meta tags or Meta data is informational programming in the web site that is not displayed on the page.  You can view a website’s source code by right clicking on the page and selecting “View Page Source”.  This allows you to see the actually HTML the page uses to display and control the elements of that specific page.

Much of this programming code is to appear relevant and to get ranking.  At the very least, you need a good title, page description and keywords. In addition, all of your images should have very descriptive “Alt Tags” using the key words you are trying for relevance with,

Web Site Security gives you Online Relevance

What does it mean when we talk about security on a web site?  It means the site has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) “Certificate” issued by a reputable company who has vetted the site and determined it is a good site. (For a fee of course!) You do not want to try to compete in the SEO world without a padlock on the left of your domain’s URL.

By having a certificate, the secure site is then identified by https://

This shows the visitor that the information is encrypted and is “safe’ to use a credit card or other data without a breach of security.  THIS IS NOT 100% FOOL PROOF!  An expert hacker can get past the encryption. Google does reward a site for having a certificate, even if it is not used for eCommerce.

Faster Sites = better ranking

A good Web Designer/Developer is always looking at ways to increase the speed of loading the pages of a site.  Nothing makes a customer turn away faster than a site that is slow to resolve and display everything. You have seconds to make a good impression or your visitor is gone.

Research ways to improve your Time to First Byte (TTFB). Your goal of front-end performance is to create a fast and responsive user experience.  One speed goblin is the loading of large images, videos and background programs.  If using WordPress, explore the cache plugins and be sure to keep your plugins light.  Too many can increase your TTFB speed. You can also compress videos if they are too large using many different editing tools, without giving up too much quality.

Is your site Trustworthy?

Trust indicators to Google and other search engines are:

  • links to your site on other sites,
  • frequency of mentions on social media and
  • the length of time your visitors stay on your site.

If you can, include SSL on all web pages within your website. This indicates to visitors your business has been authenticated by a service and is safe to visit.

In Closing

All these factors improve your Online Relevance and Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) thereby increasing your online relevance and organic ranking, resulting in more traffic from searches in both Google and Bing. This is one of our specialty,  Give us a call to hear more.  713-553-6212