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Landing Page – what, why and how!

What is a Landing Page and where is it??

A landing page is a special, non-menu-listed page on your website, designed to serve a single desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, email collecting, or signing up for a free trial, all with the promise of something special or free in exchange.  Constant contact landing pages are also one example allowing you to measure an outgoing email success using a landing page.

It’s called a landing page because it’s a page where users “land” after clicking on a link in social media or some form of off-site advertising like Google Ads or other form of site promotion.

How Is a Landing Page separate from the rest of your website? A normal initial web page tends to have several different navigational options where a landing page may be untied to the main site by not showing links to other sub pages. It is usually very focused on one action or result.

Most home pages have multiple goals and several different calls to action (CTAs). For example, you might want homepage visitors to fill out a contact form, or discover who you are and what you do. Most sites have an “about us”, “services” or “product listings”, “contact”, “blogs/news” and “gallery”. By using a landing page, you can measure exactly where the traffic came from (ie…advertising, links, etc..), helping to determine marketing effectiveness and more. Most of your online advertising should go to a specific “Landing Page”.

With a landing page, there’s usually objective for the visitor to do. The call to action is focused and consistent.

Why do landing pages work?

Why do landing pages work so well? You control the flow of logical presentation that is laser focused. It does not have to be all things to all visitors like your home page does.

Landing pages are popular because, unlike your regular pages that might or might not get visited, every visitor to your landing page from specific advertising is “forced” to enter by a door into your site where you can focus the narrative, resulting in precise messaging. Visitors are guided and directed exactly to where you want them to be.

They are “conversion” machines.

You will find they convert more calls to action than any other page in your site!

My next post will be about the types of landing pages.  Stay Tuned! and be sure to subscribe.