Landing Page examples for marketing your services onlineLanding Page Examples – Part 2 of a series

Landing page examples you can use today!

Ok, so we established what landing pages are in part One.  Now let’s talk about their application and three (3) landing page examples.

Here is a refresher…. Google’s definition is … “A landing page is a page on your site that is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is different from other pages on your website in that it follows both of these criteria: It has a form that allows you to capture a visitor’s information in exchange for a desired offer.

Remember, most landing pages are stand alone pages, meaning you can not find them on a web site’s navigation bar or links.  One reason for this is because we want to know exactly where those visitors, who enter are site on this page, are coming from and looking for.

This is a huge win for the measurement of advertising because you are guiding them to enter your site by a portal of your choosing to control the results (or at least try to) so that your gathering of their information or clicks can be measured and used to make better marketing decisions in the future.

I can’t tell you how many times I have asked, “Where does your web traffic come from and do you measure it?”  Believe it or not, most did not know measurement of this matrix was even available.  Google, at the beginning of their AdWords campaigns, developed tools to show the people who were spending money some very interesting data.  It is what inspired me to start using the phase in early 2000…“If you can’t measure it, it does not exist!” 

The data they provided on the number of displays of the ad and the number of clicks during a specified time allowed them to charge on a “Pay Per Click” or PPC basis.  This was incredible at the time.  Since then, most would yawn if they saw the detail initially available to measuring traffic to a page or website.

I said all that to say this.  We can now accurately measure the traffic to a “landing Page” and determine the number of visitors as well as the success (or ratio of hits to conversions) based on your CTA (Call to Action).  This allows you to determine how much each conversion costs!  This is huge!  Imaging, you don’t have to throw money to the wind, hoping it might get you potential clients, or sales.

Now it’s time for me to show you exactly how to create a high-converting landing page.

Specifically, I’m going to discuss 4 common landing page examples you can use:

  1. Email sign up page – great for harvesting emails for the Monthly Newsletter that allows you to “touch” your client/potential client, once a month. Great to use with Constant Contact. Think about your special offer!
  2. General Sales focused page – Maybe you are making a special offer available to high end potential clients.  This is perfect to discuss the offer and gather their information.
  3. Special announcements to specific client markets – Perfect for emailing to potential clients “special offers” to get a critical account.  You can customize their landing page!
  4. Google Adwords Campaign – What better way to measure multiple “Ad Word” campaigns then with a unique landing page for each.

Just remember, many today are very reluctant to give away their email address, and I can’t blame them. That is why i like to use a service for mass mailing that allows the recipient to “unsubscribe” themselves. I always recommend a statement concerning the privacy of emails gathered by the company not being sold or shared to others. This helps remove some reluctance to enter their information to get their special offer.

In my next installment, (Part 3) I will give you examples of my personal landing pages for different type of promotion.

Steven Carr