Three Letter Acronyms to build credibility?  Really?

Three letter acronyms are driving me crazy!  I receive thousands of emails a day concerning Internet Marketing, Development and Management and almost, without exception, the writer is using TLA’s like crazy to appear “knowledgeable” about something you may not know about.  

I see this in other industries as well trying to obtain the same effect.  STOP THE MADNESS!  Please.  

In my blogs, I will always spell these out for you because I want you to know what they are and why, when talking Internet Marketing, they are important.

Here is a short list of some Three Letter Acronyms for your reference.

  • SEOSearch Engine Optimization, simply meaning I will take your web site content and optimize it to increase your “organic” position in Google and Bing searches.  Organic simply means positioning without paying for Google Ads.
  • SEMSearch Engine Marketing, or management of ads in the search engine to position your link at the top, or near the top, of your competition.
  • PPCPay per click.  This is how you pay for Google or Bing ads on search results or any other page they might place your ad on.  Remember, the large majority of Internet searchers go directly to the top organic listings, bypassing the ads, unless it is a specific service or product.
  • CTRClick Thru Rate. Simply explained the ratio of your Ad seen/presented VS actually being clicked on.  ou can increase your CTR using banners and attractive images, video’s etc…
  • SMOSocial Media Optimization.  The art of representing a company, services or product on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or any other “Social Media” platform.
  • CPLCost Per Lead The management of the cost per lead you pay.  How much did the ad cost to get the visito to your site?  Good to know.
  • ROIReturn on Investment How much it cost VS how much it produces.
  • KPIKey Performance Indicator This TLA has entire books trying to explain ways to measure and use KPI in marketing and management of assets as well as human assets.

    Some Two Letter Acronyms.
  • CRConversion rate Simply put, what rate of Cost for the marketing leads to a sale or client.  If I have 100 hits to the site on a specific “Landing Page” I can determine exactly where the click came from and then see if it resulted in a purchase, call or delivery of client information.  It depends on your “Conversion Goals”.
  • ARAd Remarketing Ever see an ad on a site and then go to another website and see the same ad?  This is Ad Remarketing and is don by dropping you a “cookie” or small code in your browser about what you searched for.  You can turn off cookies anytime in your browser controls.
  • DM – Digital Marketing
  • BM – Brand Management

These are just a few TLA’s I see every day.  I hope this helps demystify them.  I am sworn of TLA’s and try to not use them  I like to speak the language of business.  Direct and to the point.

Thank you!