Pricing a Website? or…You get what you pay for!

Pricing a websiteAre you pricing a new web site? If so, ask yourself, “What is one (1) customer worth to me over the average “life-time” of a typical customer?”  Are you selling a high dollar product or service that will be sold potentially multiple times for big $$ profit or are you selling one-and-done items via an online or brick-and-mortar store and making a couple of bucks hoping for high volume?  

If you want a web site representing a professional service or high dollar item, then a single customer can make you a great deal of money.  I have clients whose single sale can bring in $100,000 or more in profit. Their average single sale produces $25,000 to $40,000 in profit from that one client over a five (5) year period.  To them, a new client could potentially be worth an easy $30,000+ over 5 years. 

Pricing a Web Site…the How To’s

Customer Acquisition cost vs potential profit, over the life of the client, helps determine the value (not cost) of a web site bringing in 5 to 6 new buying clients a month.  This is done via “Best Design Practices”, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing campaigns and Social media interaction.  Do the math and it is obvious a $10K – $15k web site, designed correctly to “sell” services and products online, can be a steal to the right client. It all depends on the Return On Investment (ROI)! In other words, how much did it cost vs. how much can you make (profit) over the course of the first year.  Our base goal is 4x+! 

Please visit our Web Site Pricing page for additional information and details.

Digital Marketing and Branding of a website is critical to successful sales and services.  Do it wrong and you have wasted money.  Do it right,

I think the most important concept a new client needs to learn is…… A website is not over when the design is finished.  It has actually just begun!

Most Web Designers do a really good job on the design end but many do not know the business they are catering to.  They do not have experience running a large business like they just designed a web site for.  Not understanding of the Sales process, profitability goals, customer acquisition costs, marketing management, etc… limits their interactive role with the new web site owner.

A good Web Design company, regardless of how small or large, knows business!  They know what it takes to attract and “bring in” a buyer/user of a product or service.  Not once, but every day, day after day.  They know Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Strategy and have the ability/flexibility to change direction in a heartbeat as a market changes.  

At, we know how to make you shine and bring business to your doorstep.  It is then up to you to convert a potential customer to a long term client.

In Closing: The MOST important thing is not the price.  It is the relationship and commitment between you and your design team.  You must have synergy and be able to understand, communicate and truly get along.