Road Map to Success online by Houston Web Designer Steven CarrRoad Map to Online Success

Steps to a successful online presence.

The following is a good road map to creating a successful web presence.  Remember, if there is a map, there have been many travelers before you! Will every web site launched make it’s owners rich? NO!  But it can put you on the path heading in the direction of success.  Have fun with it.  Let it become your passion, not your poison.  Share your concept with everyone!

Follow your Passion!

A good road map for a website takes the initiative and does not wait for an OK from the world to start or beg for any kind of special treatment. It is driven by a passion and the sense that we can create our own destiny.

In a sense, it means to be focusing on empowerment and drive. That ethic will filter into everything it represents, whether it is a personal blog or a company website. The presentation, content and tone will be clear, unapologetic and confident.

Begin With The End Result already in your cross hairs!

Using a good road map means you have clear direction as to where the site is going you can design it to suite that aim. Most people do it the other way around. i.e. Make it look cool and then hope that it fulfills the vague plans you have. Being focused and knowing how to get there means you avoid complacency and always look to improve and develop your site. It also suggests knowing who your audience is and not trying to appeal to everyone.

Put First Things First

Have the courage to put aside petty desires and whims and place your emphasis on what tells your story and communicates to your visitors most eloquently.

Make sure your site will signals clearly what it is and who it is for.  Make it easy to read and have clear navigation with a minimum of glitz and moving glamour.

With a good road map think Win-Win

Win-Win is vital to the success of any website. If you enter into your web project only thinking of what you want, it will come across as being self-absorbed and boring.

You must be able to provide some tangible benefit to the visitor and provide solutions to their perceived problems. At the very minimum your site should be entertaining.

First Understand and then to be Understood

Create a dialogue in which your visitors are encouraged to submit comments and suggestions. Be open to criticism and feedback.

Poll your visitors and give them incentives for doing so. This information is vital and if taken on board will endear your visitors to you. Once you understand your visitors views and concerns you can edit and refine you copy and site taglines to speak to these issues.

If your site visitors feel understood they will automatically be open to you and your message.

Synergize your Team – Working Together

Together with your growing followers, you can work on solving your primary problems in a more elegant way than if you did it alone. Ask for involvement, suggestions and input.   Some may give useful criticism while others may interact more often and passionately. These people are going to share your message with friends as well as help you grow.  It’s more fun working with a team that includes your customers in anyway.

Get out of the office!

Take time out to leave the computer and live!   Breathe and stretch. Open your mind to new possibilities and options. I find going and talking with others in the business stirs up some great ideas. This new fresh you will bring more life and passion to the project. It will be there when you get back anyway and you will feel so much better for it.

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Steven Carr