Search Engine Optimization Ranking Tips

7 out of 100’s to know!  They change almost daily!

  1. Your main keyword appears in your LTD  (Top Level Domain)  Although this does not give you the pop that it used to, having your keyword in the domain still helps! After all, they still bold keywords that appear in a domain name on search results.
  2. Keyword is first word in your domain – Not as valuable as it once was, but still an advantage over a competitor without it.
  3. The age of your domain is a “brick in the wall” of good SEO.  The older and more relevant, the better.  It is a factor that is more relevant than it used to be.
  4. Hand in Hand with #3 is the when your domain name expires.  It is worth paying for 10 years to get the longevity part working for you.
  5. Ownership changes in your domain with Private vs. Public ownership status.  If you are relevant, with great content and traffic, this may not impact as bad as a domain that has been bought and sold multiple times over the years with past owners masking ownership.
  6. Country TLD domains.  These help you in the country you bought into but not globally. .cc’s were popular at one time as an alternative to the .com but DOT COM’S RULE!
  7. Keyword in your Title Tag – this is almost as important as great content.  Be sure it is a match. And, start the Title tag with your keyword!
  8. Get your certificate to go https://   Go to   I have great pricing on Certs.
  9. Video from on front page near the top.  This is an incredible tool that gets quick results.  You need to know how to use the note section and tags.

There are about 250 more, but then, that is why you hire a professional who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking and uses these ever changing “keys” to organically unlock traffic to your site.

Give me a call to discuss your Google SEO Ranking strategy and how we put other key tips to work for you. I am confident we can help you improve your organic Search results.