Domain Name Purchasing Strategy

Remember, if you don’t own it, you competition will!

My first domain name purchase was in 1997.  I went to the wrong domain registrar site and got snookered.  I paid way to much than I should have.  I meant to go to and instead went to and paid $250.00 instead of $35.00.  I learned my lesson quickly. I use exclusively today.

When searching for great generic names to acquire, I learned to keep my eyes open for everything I could find that even a competitor, in the same genre, could use to gain market share.

Example:  Early on, I bought  I also bought the .net, .org, .cc, .tv and .mobi.  Additionally, I purchased every combination of “Houston” and “jobs” I could find and afford.  Why?  So I would not have to compete against someone else with almost as good a name.

Another example:  I bought and  Then I bought, and several others.  I finally ended up with over 30+ domains that I could use independently and link back to with legitimate links.

This is not a link farm in that each domain is an actual site with a little different slant addressing the same issues. Essentially somewhat controlling the potential competition.

Domain Name After Market

A great resource of domains exists in the “after market” or when people either forget or purposely choose to not renew good domain names.  Godaddy, Afternic, Snapnames and Network Solutions all offer tools to alert you when great domains in your area of business come available.

I can assist you with the creation of a  “Domain Name Strategy” along with a “Domain Management Policy”.  I will also actively watch your genre and advise you whenever a good domain is coming available.