Content is King!

Content Management Marketing

Content Management marketing is employed by many companies but is woefully inadequate.  Traditional marketing mediums are judged by the number of eyes on the ad, whereas content measurement is gauged by engagement of the potential end user.  The content also has a more important role.

The concept behind content management marketing’s success is that by providing multimedia content that addresses the needs and discomforts of a target audience, a brand drives meaningful engagement that will become, over time, sales growth. Content marketing combined with more traditional forms of advertising and campaigns results in the arrow going up.

In order to compete in the 21st century, content marketing in your overall plan, is key to success. Please allow me to share some thoughts about successful content marketing

Content is King and makes Marketing More Successful!

Make your Content King – If you see a post with 1,000 people engaged with it, do you believe it was successful? Content marketing pros would not pay attention to the number but rather focus on the conversions of the people reading the post and following the call-to-action which could be calling a sales number or filling out an informational request form, directly leading to a purchase.

Content marketing creates the engagement. It grabs the buyers and engages them with your brand on an emotional level by providing them with valuable free content.

Example: I operate several “Home Security Company” websites that have Security Tips, all providing excellent ideas to increase the security management of their home.  We take the opportunity to engage them from an educational focus on how to make their homes safer.  We show how a product or service we offer can address their needs or perceived security exposure. We want to be subtle about the need to engage with the company and more focused on resolving their perceived security exposure.  When a mutually-valuable relationship has been established and you become an authority on the subjects, consumers will become prospects and eventually customers.

Content Providers

Content professionals do far more than typing words on a page.  They engage the reader with relevant content, edit and produce videos that educate and provide solutions to perceived needs. They use blogs, informational white pages, case studies, landing pages, instructional pages, Social media and more to communicate with existing and potential customers.

They need to be on the pulse of the content distribution options on the Internet to promote the right brand and message.  Additionally, you can have awesome, engaging content and not use the best channels for distributing to your prospects and consumers.

Brand consistency across all marketing and distribution mediums is vitally important!

Do not put up your web site without good content that informs and educates.  Content is King!