Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) worth the cost and the fuss?

  • September 2, 2014

The following information will help make decision to implement an aggressive SEO campaign an easy one.

1. Almost 50% of companies that implement inbound marketing efforts see a 25% greater ROI than companies that do not.

2. Leads generated through SEO close at around 14.6 % while leads from other channels close at an average of 1.7 %.

3. 79% of clicks on Google Search results go to organic results

4. The #1 ranked organic result gets almost twice as many clicks as the #2 result.

5. U.S based inbound marketers that spend more than $25K per year save about 13 percent on the cost per lead with inbound marketing when compared to outbound.

6. Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound tactics.

7. In Nov. 2013, SEO accounted for almost 40% of website traffic vs. 23% of traffic coming from social media.

8. When compared to PPC, SEO has a lower cost over the life of a service or product.

9. Up to 65% of potential SEO clients are confused about what SEO is and or think it is an Internet scam.

Basically, if your site isn’t getting any organic traffic, attempting SEO and getting penalized will not lessen that number. Search Engine Optimization….isn’t it grand??!!!!