Steven Carr

Steven Carr

Web Designer/Developer

Steven Carr

Since 1997, Houston Web Designer Steven Carr has been in the middle of the growth of the Internet in the Houston area. 

Steven has been a contributing author to many design and online marketing sites and often lectures on SEO, Online Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing, Branding,  Measurement Management and Online Sales Strategies.

Steven’s expertise is in the development of marketing strategies and management of marketing assets.  A firm believer in the “Internet of Things”, he was quick to learn the development of Internet properties (Domain Names) in the mid to late 90’s and devices in the 2000’s.

Today, he enjoys writing and sharing his knowledge of Internet Marketing Strategy and Online Sales through multiple web blogs and speaking engagements.

Steven is always working on “The Next Big Thing” but is available to assist you in your success online!

Call 713-553-6212 to discuss your idea or Web Development/Design needs.