How to – How We Do It!


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How to design a Web SiteDiscovery.

Our first step before a face-to-face meeting is for our potential clients to go through a brief “Web Development” exercise.  They fill out our Web Development Questionnaire

How to Research

We then sit down and review the questionnaire over the phone so we have a good direction on how to develop a plan that will best fit their needs.


Design & Development

Once we fully understand their online business and marketing targets, our first meeting is held in order to review our approach to their wants, needs and design specifications.

From the initial meeting, we then determine and agree on the development time frame and set the process in motion by signing an agreement.

How to Launch & Train

Once we launch the site, we know the participation level on the client’s end.  We train, if needed, key personnel on the addition of content, blogs and more. 


Measure & Maintenance

All of our designs are carefully designed with online tools in place to determine traffic measurement analytics.  Additionally we maintain Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing campaigns and several key components of a successful Web Site.


We firmly believe “If you can’t measure it, it does not exist!”