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Most new businesses design their branding slowly over time.  They do not have a good, successful track to follow early that propels them to the top quickly!

Having been in business since an early age, I learned most of what I know about marketing on the fly, operating multiple businesses over the last 40 years.  Although I had formal training in marketing in college, I was already in charge of marketing and advertising for a Real Estate Company with 13 associates at age 18.  Advertising and Marketing came easy but I did not learn the secret sauce of branding until a few years later.

I the late 90’s I found myself in an investment with a few friends providing Filtered Internet to family’s, schools and businesses.  In my role as Senior Vice President, I realized the importance of creating a valued Brand and how that added value to our business and to the bottom line.  This was the infancy of the Internet, but I learned the domain names or URL’s were the Electronic Real Estate of the future.

Branding of older companies was reliant on them being able to purchase their branded name, ie..,”com” online, a strategy that is so vitally important today as it was 20 years ago.  Having brokered multiple domain acquisitions of “.com” domains for new companies, who saw their acquisitions as being important to their branding strategy, it re-enforced in my mind the branding lessons I had learned so long ago.

Having offered Web Development and Design Services for years, along with “Digital Marketing”, branding was the logical service to add to our offerings. More and more clients were open to starting their “branding” early in their company’s startup.  Having this strategy leads to establishing a trusted “Brand” much earlier for new startups.

So, let us help you get started down the path to a successful brand!  We can work with you to maximize your efforts while minimizing cost. What used to take years can now happen in months.  We can teach you what to focus on early and what distractions to avoid.

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