The most Awesome Approach to Digital Marketing is to have a “Really Great Plan!”


Houston Digital Marketing 101

Houston’s Best Practices Digital Marketing Solutions 

If you are a business owner without an aggressive marketing focus on the “digital” aspect of “the game” then you are missing out on a less expensive way to target your market and reap the rewards.


Houston! Learn Digital Marketing “101”…We make it incredibly simple!

Digital marketing is the promotion of your products or service using digital technologies, including the Internet, mobile phones, tablets/iPads by displaying your message on Search Engine Results, Web Sites and other digital social media applications (apps).

We start with asking a lot of good questions to learn your target market and true focus. Why? Because we want to know:

Your Message

Who needs and wants your services or products, and


Then we ask, “What will attract that group of prospective clients to your door-step?”

We then review your website and make sure your development is properly designed for success in today’s digital market place.  The next step is to super-charge your design with the right Search Engine Optimized rich content to position your web site high in the search results organically AND address the Who and Why.  

Our goal is to have you highly ranked without having to use ad buys from the search engine hosts. Anyone can rank high artificially.  Sometimes all we do is simply re-write your content, check things like the text alt tags on images and be sure your site uses the key words you want to pop up under.  Once completed, we move on to the next step.

Our standard Digital Marketing package is implemented and, (depending on your web presence) includes posting to the top 10 Social Media Apps and the production of content.  This includes industry-related articles, pictures, graphics and videos.  We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snap Chat and more to blast your information to social media.

We provide in-house design of both Graphic and Video presentations for the Social Media distribution and use in web pages.  We also write key word rich content for Post and website updates. 

While doing all this, we are gathering information from your web site visitors, allowing you to market to them via email on special offers and information shares. We are also gathering Data for our Analytical Reporting of traffic and conversions. 

Without the implementation of a Digital Marketing plan, you are wasting time, energy and dollars! Traditional Marketing does not provide the analytics available online that proves and measures the success of your Digital marketing.  I have always said, “If you can’t measure it, it does not exist!”

Houston Digital Video Marketing

Video – A big part of this revolution in marketing is Video.  Video production specific for the Internet and all the social media applications has exploded. Where a picture can reach 1000, a video can reach millions.  We have seen this grow so quickly in the last couple of years to make many of the social media platforms explode in reach and value. By the end of 2020, there will be over 3,000,000,000,000 videos online.

Implementation of Digital Marketing

Let us help you develop and implement the right plan for your business!  Call 713-553-6212 TODAY!  I can share with you a little known secret to boost your Search Engine Optimization using one video in a matter of hours!


We all know this does not happen overnight but it does not take long to see results!  In the first 90 days, you should see a significant increase in traffic then an increase in sales volume.  As we turn up the heat, your 180 day mark will be celebrated.

We believe in the “One Big Idea” and this is it!  It just has a lot of moving parts that start to work together to build momentum.  Call us today and let’s start building your company’s momentum!

Momentum builds value and value build wealth.