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Successful Online Marketing

  • December 14, 2015

Successful Online Marketing Management

Successful Online Marketing  - Felling blindfolded? Successful online marketing plans are successful because they are continuous during each stage of the client’s life cycle.

This includes the:

  • Customer Acquisition Phase
  • Enhancing the Client’s Value over the life of the relationship
  • Converting them from Clients into Advocates who tell others about your products and services

In today’s Marketing world, the great equalizer (The Internet) empowers buyers with information from a multitude of sites which allows them to access specifications, pricing and reviews about comparable goods and services.

All this is available 24/7/365 with the click of a mouse.  Additionally, social media, including reviewing sites, encourages them to share and compare.  This can be a tremendous benefit OR a deal killer if there are unresolved issues with other clients who turn to the Internet to share negative reviews/experiences.  Now throw in the mobile devices and it becomes  a “whenever and wherever” aspect of the client experience.

This means your potential clients/buyers are forming opinions and drawing conclusions well before they choose to interact with your company’s representatives, waiters, staff and management.

I work with a lot of restaurants who have a daily task of properly responding to their clients who may have issues with service, food quality, delivery and overall experience.  If they do not hit a 90% plus satisfaction rate then they can count on a poor or less than good review on one of many review sites that “Foodies” frequent.

The buying decision is no longer confined to your brick and mortar presentation or your website.  That’s why it’s up to your marketing department to become the guide of the clients journey and build a relationship with customers wherever they are, whether it means engaging on social media or personalizing content and communications across multiple platforms.

Personalized marketing is about creating meaningful interactions with the client, based on who they are and what
they do, continuously over time.  It is marketing that engages clients towards a goal, wherever they are, and it’s marketing backed by both creative vision and hard data. Finally, it’s marketing that allows you to move quickly, shortening the time between initial touch and purchase.  This helps you to create better and more focused marketing programs.

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