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Houston Web Designer and Marketing companyIn today’s Houston business environment, having a strong web presence that reflects your company’s brand and existing persona is as critical as the content and functionality of your web site.    Many today are using their Internet footprint as a mere business card to market goods and services when it really needs to be a complete marketing presentation of who, what and how you do what you do.  You need a plan.

Owned and operated by Houstonian Steven Carr, Houston Web Designer.com offers complete web design and development service along with Online Marketing Strategy, SEO, SEM and Implementation Management – all services provided to small, medium and large companies needing the “advantage” of having an online marketing expert in their corner.

Additionally, you need a proven online Marketing strategy, one that can be executed effectively.   The old adage, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”…. is so true on the Internet.  Steven often says, “Success is @ the corner of Marketing and Strategy!

Houston Web Design Success is @ the corner of Marketing and StrategyOne of Houston’s premier “Web Designers”, since 1998, Steven has been heavily involved in Houston’s online marketing scene.   Not only does he develop for others, he and his wife own and operate many “Houston” and “Texas” centric domains.

Steven’s addition to your Design and Marketing Team puts a true Internet Strategist in your corner.   Having “Been There and Done That”, his objective is to assist you in dominating the search engines and the overall web market in the Houston, National or International markets.  It is always a good plan to have new eyes on a challenge and his trained eyes can spot future challenges as well as opportunities.

As a Web Designer Consultant…,

Carr also tells it like it is, no pulled punches.  “Remaining Positive about something headed for a train wreck is not my style.  I am a cheerleader of being able to recognize quickly the need change in direction or methodology and then implementing the change and even being flexible in the changes due to changes in the World Wide Web.  What works today may not work tomorrow.”   Watching trends and keeping his finger on the pulse of the Internet marketing trends, Carr has learned to shift directions to optimize effectiveness.  Call him today to be your Houston Web Designer!

Social Media in Web Design

Using social media in a marketing plan is a recommended inclusion , but it is better not to implement social media  it than to do it poorly.   The ROI in social media, depending on what your selling, may not be measurable for some time in the future.   Carr works with the top 5 SMG’s to take advantage of this low cost medium.

Call today!  713-553-6212

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